Will they look smaller and more normal with time? (Photo)

I am one month post op and freaking out that I went too big. I am 5'8" and 136 lbs. I had decent breast tissue to begin with (32D), but never filled out upper part of bra. I got 305cc form stable implants and a lift. I look ridiculous in a bathing suit and feel fat.

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Size not anticipated to change dramatically

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and from a surgery standpoint, your results look very good.  From a proportionate standpoint, yes, you do seem large for your frame.  If you chose the size, you can always consider smaller implants or giving up your native tissue in a revision.  If your surgeon chose your implants, he/she would have more responsibility to help you get a more proportional result.  You are generous but not sure it makes you look fat at this point.

Big Breasts

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Hello,Unfortunately, even a moderately sized implant like the TM+305 can make a B cup breast a DD.  Your surgeon's prowess with incisions has made it difficult to determine what type of lift you had, but if it was a formal lift, then it would be easy to remove more tissue, especially from the sides. If this is not the case, then you may just need a smaller implant. Best of luck!

Improvements with time?

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You appear to be healing well from your surgery, but your breast is still evolving.  As swelling subsides and the breast softens you will likely lose some volume.  Also keep in mind that you will get used to the additional volume over time.  A form-stable implant is not going to settle as significantly as a smooth implant, however, and is really designed to stay put after surgery.Stay in contact with your surgeon throughout the process so that they are aware of your concerns.  By the time you are 6 months out from surgery you should have a good sense of final volume and can address your concerns at that time.  Either you'll be happy with them or you won't, but right now you just have to be patient  If you decide the implants are too big then swapping them out for a smaller size is a relatively quick procedure with minimal recovery.  Best of luck.


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Your implants will continue to settle and the tissues will become softer over time.  It will take 3-6 months after surgery for you to see your final results.  Keep in contact with your surgeon and voice concerns and questions that you have.


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Yes, your breasts will improve over time as the swelling subsides and the tissues relax. Sometimes it does take a while for you to adjust to your new look. Remember, you were not happy with the size you had prior to surgery. Also, this is the size that you and your doctor selected.  Please discuss any concerns you have with your doctor.

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