What is right for me if I want smaller areolas, a slight breast lift, and possibly a fat transfer? (Photos)

i'm 23 and naturally have saggy boobs and large areolas. My priority is to reduce the size of my areolas and want something like a benelli lift to get this result with almost no visible scarring. I know that my breasts do sag alot, but I dont mind they sit low on my chest and the results aren't so drastic but, my goal is to have boobs with small areolas and straight pointing nipples.The fat transfer to my breasts are low priority, if i get it should i get it before or after the other procedures?

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Smaller Areloas

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Thanks for your question.  It looks like the areola on the left breast can be reduced, while the right side could benefit from a periareolar lift.  I think this would give you the symmetry you are seeking.  Do make sure you see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who has experience performing these procedures.  Best of luck on your search.

What is right for me if i want smaller areolas, a slight breast lift, and possibly a fat transfer?

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Thank you for sharing your question and photographs.  Though nothing replaces an in-person examination it appears that an areolar reduction on your left, and a periareolar mastopexy on the right may help you achieve your goals.  See an ASPS board certified plastic surgeon in consultation to get the best treatment recommendations. 

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