Skin tags from anus? Can I have surgery to get them removed? (Photo)

Hi, as you can see on the pictures, I have 2 long skin tags framing my asshole with the tips being red, especially if one were to pull on them. This condition makes me feel super self-conscious about having sex with light or in day time (let alone having anal sex) and i'd love to get surgery to get them removed and have a perfect asshole. Have you encountered something like this? It's not hemorroids i was told) Sadly looks like this is not just excess skin but is connected to blood vessels. Thx

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Yes- You Can Surgically Remove Your Anal Skin Tags

We understand the importance of the cosmetic appearance of the buttocks and anal opening in our practice. From your pictures you have posted, it looks like you may have two anal skin tags with an external hemorrhoid component, one in the anterior midline (closest to your vagina) and one in the posterior midline (the side closest to your tailbone). You may also have a bit of an internal hemorrhoid prolapse as well but it is difficult to see in your pictures alone. You will need a thorough exam by your surgeon. We commonly have patients come to our practice with this exact issue because it affects their confidence and they do not like the aesthetic appearance of the anal skin tags and hemorrhoids. The good news is that you can have it excised surgically. The key to prevent recurrence is the meticulous after care. At our practice, we specialize in removing anal skin tags with a scarless appearance and that is accomplished with the surgical technique we use to excise it. Make sure that you seek treatment from a specialist who specializes in Cosmetic Proctology (Proctologic Surgery). 

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