Will the size of breasts and shape of areolas eventually match after mastopexy w/ BA? (photos)

I am 10 days post mastopexy and augmentations. I received 280cc textured round low profile implants in each breast under the muscle. My right breast was larger than my left to begin with, but there is still significant asymmetry. My areolas were also made smaller, but the areola on the larger left breast seems to have a larger nipple . I was hoping they would match after the surgery. Will both the size of the breast and shape of areoles eventually becoming closer in size?

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Will they be more even?

At 10 days postoperatively, there are still lots of variables that are not consistent on each side. If breast tissue was removed on the right but not the left, and it probably will be more swollen than the left side. Similarly the tensions of all of the suture lines will change with gravity. I would not assess whether or not you would need a revision for at least several months. For where you are, it looks like you're right on track and are feeling well. Congratulations on your surgery.

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Nothing matches perfectly

and your results are very good for where you are at.  Your bottoms will round out with healing and once healed, you can assess your nipples and areola shape.  If still bothersome, you should be able to discuss with your surgeon about what options you may have to make things more perfect but you can anticipate additional costs with this.

Curtis Wong, MD
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Augmentation Mastopexy

Hello,Keep in mind that your surgery is fraught with the highest risk of complications and reoperations. I do see your issues, and although frustrating, are not bad considering the other potential complications that could have occurred.  You will definitely need to completely heal to be re-evaluated, at least 6 months. At that time it might be determined that a smaller, revision surgery would be appropriate to achieve all your goals. Best of luck!

Gerald Minniti, MD, FACS
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