How to help scar from breast aug to heal?

When you get a Breast Augmentation with the incision at the inframammary fold, is it necessary to put a scarring cream to help the scar fully heal? Can you use something over the counter such as mederma? Or should I get the biocorneum sold at the PS's office?? I want it to heal completely so that if I wear a swim suit that there are no visible scars.

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Scars after surgery

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There are many scar treatments that are available on the market.  You may want to ask your plastic surgeon which products she has had the most success with.  Incisions from breast augmentation are generally fine and heal nicely, with or without scar creams.  You do want to protect any new scars from sunlight, which means using sunscreen on the incisions when out in the sun.  Good luck to you!

Houston Plastic Surgeon
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Scar products

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There are many scar products, including Mederma, that can be quite helpful with healing. There will always be a scar, but hopefully it will heal as a thin scar. I would suggest avoiding all tanning for at least 3 months so that you do not darken the scar.

Connie Hiers, MD
San Antonio Plastic Surgeon
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Scar from breast aug

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Thanks for your question. We recommend that our patients use Biocorneum skin cream, but consult with your surgeon about his/her specific recommendations. 

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Scar Treatment

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Hello, if your plastic surgeon has given you the go ahead to begin using products for scar treatment then I recommend biocorneum. Most importantly, protect your scars form the sun. Do keep your scars covered and use SPF.

Jeremy A. Benedetti, MD
Saint Petersburg Plastic Surgeon

Best for breast augmentation scar

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The only product I'm aware of that has randomized clinical data that shows improvement with scars is "embrace advanced scar therapy".  You can check it out at  It is a piece of tension loaded silicone sheeting that actually pulls the scar together to take tension off the scar as it heals.  It is a weekly application for eight weeks, starting a week or two after surgery.  It is eight weeks for a lifetime of benefit.  It is a bit costly, but well worth it, if you want the best possible scar.  However, it is not possible to be left with "no visible scar".  The body heals cuts by making scar.  The position of the scar in relation to your swim suit will determine if hopefully fine pencil line scar will be visible.

Todd C. Case, MD
Tucson Plastic Surgeon


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Thanks for your question; In my opinion I consider Rosa Mosqueta as one of more helpful substances for a better cicatrization; this contains essential fatty acids; vitamins like retinol, Vit. A; C and E; antioxidants.  but a totally invisible scar is not possible, some scars are so thin a light colored that can be difficult to notice.


Kemil Issa, MD
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon
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Scars are always visible.

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Hello and thanks. All scars are visible regardless of location and scar treatment does help to make them less visible. I would reach out to your PS for an answer. Best, Dr. ALDO

Aldo Guerra, MD
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon
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