How safe is it to have cosmetic surgery in Korea?

I am from the Bay Area, but I am planning to go to Korea to have rhinoplasty and ptosis eyelid surgery. I have booked consultations in some of the more well known hospitals in BK, ID, Oz, VIPPS, and Wonjin. The reason I'm going to Korea is not only because its cheaper but I also feel the surgeons in there may have more experience with performing surgery on the asian face. Also, if you know of any really reputable hospitals/surgeons in Korea, can you please tell me? Thank you!

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Asian Rinoplasty

Thank you for your question. Facial plastic surgery in international countries is becoming more advanced both through the improved technology and training. Nevertheless, I tend to trust American surgeons to a much greater extent. With your consultation scheduled, you may have sunk financial cost to have surgery in Korea, however, you can always consult with single or double board certified facial plastic surgeons here in the States that have experience with Asian Rhinoplasties.Best wishes,

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Asian Rhinoplasty - Choosing your surgeon

There are excellent doctors in both countries as long as you do you due diligence in researching the specific surgeon who will perform your surgery. It's often prudent to consult in person with ~3 rhinoplasty specialists experienced in Asian noses to find who fits your personality and instills confidence in you.

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