Follow-up Question - Steroid injection to help swelling and tissue scarring. If I don't have it will my results be the same?

I did my rhinoplasty 7 months ago overseas. My nose is still very swollen. I want to get a steriod injection to help with the swelling and tissue scaring. I can't find a doctor or dermatologist that would agree to do the injection and they tell me to go back to my doctor but that is impossible since we are not even in the same country. Question: If I don't have the injection, will my result be the same (maybe slower) as with the injection?

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Steroid injection after rhinoplasty


Steroid injection into the nose is typically meant to decrease a pollybeak deformity after surgery.  If your surgeon asked you to have it done, then you probably should have it done.  Best of luck!

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