What do you recommend to add definition, structure, and masculinity to my face?

I am looking for procedures or a group of procedures to enhance my facial structure. I'm looking for a more sculpted, defined, masculine face. My lower third face is puffy and full. Reply with ANY ideas or observations in regard to my pictures. I've considered many procedures including: buccal fat removal, jaw angle implants, cheekbone implants, lip size reduction, facial liposuction. I am not interested in fillers due to the non permanency. PLEASE any response would be IMMENSELY helpful.

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What do you recommend to add definition, structure, and masculinity to my face? = it depends on your facial structure #buccalfat

Enhancing the masculinity of the face in male patients depends on the appearance of the face, as well as body fat composition. A chiseled face with high cheek bones and strong mandible are usually keys to have a very masculine look ( like Ricky Martin for example).

In my practice I had a patient that came with he same question. Based on the physical exam I recommended buccal fat removal, cheek bone enhancement with fillers (voluma) and jaw angle augmentation with medpore implants. In the photo section of my realself profile you will can see his before and after pictures  ( they are being uploaded to my website too). 

Everybody;s face is different and one treatment doesn't fill all. Therefore, plastic surgery treatments to enhance the masculinity of the face should be performed based on the patients needs.

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Add definition to my face

Thank you for asking about your facial structure.

  • Your photos show flatness of your cheeks. Cheek implants sound a very good idea.
  • You don't need buccal fat reduction, lip reduction or facial liposuction - there is little fat in your face and your lips look completely normal.
  • I suggest you have a consultation with a plastic surgeon and have just the cheek implants, on the large side for clear definition.
  • Jaw angle implants will widen your lower face - an exam is needed to advise you if this would be likely to be a good look for you.
  • Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Best wishes  - Elizabeth Morgan MD PHD FACS

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