Protruding mouth, lip incompetence, receding lower jaw: jaw surgery vs mere orthodontics extraction? (Photo)

I have to decide whether to choose A) a risky jaw surgery OR B) correct my protruding mouth with extraction & braces only. Would mere tooth extraction & braces be the right step to take care of the protruding mouth, given that I already have a slightly receding lower jaw? But how would soft-tissues follow the pulled-back gums, especially the overly thick lower lips? Or would jaw surgery really be the best choice in this case? I'm on the fence after reading about many botched jaw-surgeries.

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Maxillofacial surgery or ?

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your 'bite' is quite reasonable; and the crowding/alignment should not require extractions as I see it. The lower jaw pattern is underdeveloped and xrays would assist the commentary. But the lower lip gets support from the 'chin' area; and you have an increased vertical dimension to the chin area/front of lower jaw. This particular issue is addressed with a genioplasty. Extractions are not ideal in the upper jaw since the upper lip depends on dental support and your profile 'image' shows the teeth should not be pulled back more. Talk to a Maxillofacial Surgeon

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