Does anyone have any photographs of patients with the expander at various stages of the expansion process?

I am 34 year old female that is suffering from traction alopecia. I was told I would need a two stage hairline lowering procedure due to the thinning of my temples and my desired result. My primary concern with this procedure is having to wear and disguise an expander for at least a month. looking for ideas as to how I can wear the expander . Wearing hats and bonnets to work is not an option for me. All photos that I am finding on the internet appear to be extreme cases/ I.e burn victims.

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Scalp expander pictures

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I have a number of photos of cases that show an expanded scalp at various stages of expansion. Most were taken at the end of the expansion when the scalp looked its largest.  Half of these cases were for frontal hair loss or high hereditary hairlines.

There sometimes are alternatives to hats and scarves such as wigs or hair styled in an upward bun. If you presently have significant hair loss,  you probably wear some styling aids already. Start wearing full expandable wigs before anything is done and others may notice little change during the expansion. 

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