Can you get permalip implants with filler still in your lips?

I want to get filler in my lips until I save enough for permalip. Do I need to stop using fillers and deflate my lips completely before implants can be placed?

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Dissolvable vs. Non-Dissolvable Fillers--Lip injections safe to overlay?

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I suggest consulting with a cosmetic surgeon who has a meticulous eye for beauty and pays sharp detail to the patients natural aesthetic facial features; while injecting permanent filler to the lips. I generally would want to dissolve the filler as much as possible in order to receive optimal results. Best of luck, Dr. Berger

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Permalip after fillers

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Thank you for your question! It is ideal for you not to have any filler in your lips prior to placement of the permalip implant.  That being said, does it have to be completely gone? No.  In these cases, I personally will treat my patient with hyaluronidase 3 -4 weeks before the permalip placement just to ensure as much resolution of the filler as possible to make placement, post op course, etc easier.  To be honest thought, it really all depends on the doc.  If I have one word of advice, is to make sure you have your filler done in the same office that you will be having the implant placed - that way they know what, how and where was placed.  It makes a big difference for the procedure.  Best of luck.

Miguel Mascaro, MD
Delray Beach Facial Plastic Surgeon
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