Can't move eye comfortably 1 yr after blepharoplasty. Feels like pressure/weight is blocking upper inner corner of eye. (photos)

Incis.Asian Eyelid Surg.+ptosis corr. July '15.By March started to feel discomfort in eye. Skin On Inner Corner Getting More Lower,feels Like Something Blocking Eye From Looking That Way.Pressure Most Strongly Felt When Looking Towards the upper inner corner.Can Force Eye to push past this force but makes eye feel sore. Only Feel Relief When I use finger to lift eyebrow/poke skin towards nose,i.e lifting skin that's been sagging over time over inner corner. Saw Surgeon Again;said he's never seen this problem.What should I do?

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These photographs really do not provide an answer.

What I do find is that when there is an issue with the levator aponeurosis, the tendon that raises the eyelid, it can be associated with a sensation of tightness.  However, there are other potential cause of tightness including mechanical rubbing of the eyelid on the eye surface.  Without a details examination, it is not possible to diagnosis the issue.  These are often fixable with revisional surgery.

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Pressure sensation left eyelid

It is difficult to make a diagnosis or recommendation based on your description of eyelid sensations and the photographs. The medial canthal web appears natural for an Asian Eyelid - are the eyelids symmetric? If the eyes have the same appearance, then I would presume that something beneath the skin - perhaps scar tissue - is causing these sensations. A second opinion from an Oculoplastic surgeon might be very helpful to you. Best wishes.

Sara A. Kaltreider, MD
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