My mouth is too small and narrow. Is there anything I can do to widen my mouth? (photos)

My mouth is too small, sometimes I struggle smiling because my mouth is so narrow and doesn't open that wide. Is there anything I can do to widen my smile? Also when I do smile my teeth barely show and I want them to. My teeth are pretty decent and straight.

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Braces or veneers.

you can make a big change with either 2 options , braces if you do not mind waiting, at least  1 year, or if you do not want to wait , you can improve the results with crowns or veneers, make it look more nice and even, you will have a much better layout. and now you will love your smile.

TMJ issues causing Smile Problems?

Very difficult assess the problem from the photos.  Two thoughts to consider:1) From the limited view, it appears that you may have a possible airway issue causing mouthbreathing which causes a narrow arch or smile2) You mentioned that you cannot open you mouth wide, this might be a TMJ or jaw joint issue which is often common with narrow arches.
If the above issues are correct, consider an evaluation from a dentist who does Functional Physiologic Care.  A TMJ evaluation and airway assessment should be included.   

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