Just got a Mommy Makeover, BBL, Lipo. (photo)

I'm happy with all the results, just wish my butt was bigger. I'm concerned about my bellybutton. It been a month.

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Dr derby

Thank you for your question and the photo. You are still very much in the post op process , give it more time , no stress, and keep close contact with your surgeon. Best of luck   

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Mommy makeover

It appears that you had several procedures performed.  At 4 weeks post surgery, you are in the very early post-op period.  Your bellybutton scar appears red and raised, indicating an immature scar.  Gentle pressure with a silicone pad will help flatten and lighten the appearance of the scar.  It is important to have patience, all scars mature at different rates.  Concerning your BBL, swelling and settling of the fat transfer will occur.  I do not know what volume of fat was transferred.

Steven H. Wiener, MD
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Post-Op Healing

Healing after the  #tummytuck will take time. I have my patients out of bed and walking the night of surgery and every hour while awake.  I allow my patients to return to work at one to two weeks with 14 days preferred.  No lifting or straining.  At three weeks increased level of activity and full, no restrictions, at 6 weeks. You may likely still have a little more time needed for healing to complete, but if you find yourself uncomfortable at all or facing any concerns you should not hesitate to contact your surgeon for advice. Best of luck to you!

Jed H. Horowitz, MD, FACS
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Mommy makeover

Please give yourself several more months to judge the final results and then if you need to a belly button revision can be done.  With fat grafting, 30 % or more of the fat can be lost and the size of your buttocks is also limited by how much fat you had for transfer.  Continue to follow up with your PS.

Anh Lee, MD
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1 month post op, some advices:

Thank you very much for sharing your concerns with us.At this point (1 month post-po) the swelling have to be minimal.
To reduce it, I recommend you perform daily lymphatic drainage massage therapy over the abdomen and wear a postoperative girdle from thigh to the breasts.
Kind regards,
Dr. Emmanuel Mallol Cotes.-

Emmanuel Mallol Cotes, MD
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Belly button problems

Thanks for your post. I would not judge the belly button appearance until at least the 3 month mark. I bet it will soften up and look more natural. If it does not, it's a fairly easy in-office procedure to improve that for you. Perhaps you might be a candidate for additional fat grafting to the buttocks at that time too? Best wishes.

Paul J. Leahy, MD
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Mommy makeover recovery

You are still early in the healing process.  Your abdomen still appears swollen.  It will slowly return to normal over the next several weeks.  Until then continue to communicate with your surgeon and share your concerns.  You will better be able to judge your results around 3-6 months.

Camille Cash, MD
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Mommy make-over - concerned about belly button

Thank you for asking about your mommy make-over.
  • I am so glad you are pleased with the result.
  • Fat grafts to the buttocks are very unpredictable.
  • Your belly button looks ok in the photo - it is still swollen and will take time to improve.
  • Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Best wishes  - Elizabeth Morgan MD PHD FACS

Elizabeth Morgan, MD, PhD
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Belly button after tummy tuck

Hi Diana,Thanks for your question and photo. It appears that your still swollen which is common at this stage of your healing. I would recommend not judging your outcome till most of the swelling has decreased, but it does appear that your belly button is a bit large but it could shrink as the swelling decreases. It can be made smaller in the future. If you have a hernia then correcting that should make the appearance better, but it all depends on your physical exam. Discuss your concerns with your plastic surgeon. Good luck and be patient!   All the best, Carlos Mata MD, MBA, FACS #tummytuck #bellybutton Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Carlos Mata, MD, MBA, FACS
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon
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