Minor Asian eyelid fix! If this is possible let me know!

I'm half Asian male and happy with my eyes except for the inner flap near my nose. I have figured out that the look I want can be achieved when I pinch the area between my brows. This raises the flaps near my eyes and gives the exact look I want. So basically is there any way to recreate this pulling upward of the skin? Maybe fillers in the central brow bone area would lift the skin? SEE PICTURES and thank you! Tags: Asian eyelid, blepharoplasty, brow bone filler, dermal filler, inner eye flaps

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The medial epicanthoplasty will make your eyes appear larger horizontally, but also improve the balance between the bridge of your nose and the distance between your eyes. Best luck.

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Epicanthal folds

What you are describing are your epicanthal folds.  Fillers can do a modest job and it's usually injected onto the nose bridge rather than the brow bone area.  You'd have a better and longer lasting outcome if a medial epicanthoplasty is performed. Hope that helps.

Goretti H. Taghva MD

Goretti Ho Taghva, MD
Mission Viejo Plastic Surgeon
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Asian epicanthal fold release

You may want to consider one of two methods that we use to achieve the effect you desire.  First, and epicanthal fold release is provided through surgical flap rearrangement of the epicanthal skin.  Second, volume enhancement of the nasal bridge with an injectable filler can provide a different look for both the nose and the eyes.  Both of these methods have the effect of opening and widening the medial aspect of the eye fissures that may lessen the classic Asian orbital appearance.  Be sure to ask to see before and after photos from a qualified surgeon.

Randy Wong, MD
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Epicanthal Folds

The inner flap that you describe is known as an epicanthal fold.  The treatment of choice would be surgical repair.  Best of luck in achieving your goals.

Paul B. Johnson, MD
Philadelphia Oculoplastic Surgeon
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