Really need help making a decision! I have a really wide jaw and no one in my family has it. (photos)

I absolutely HATE it. Also, I have a cleft (fell on concrete when I was little and got stitches in the middle of my chin). What is the best way to make my face appear more symmetrical? I don't like my smile because I have really small teeth and will have to get vaneers in the future. I just need to figure out what the best procedure would be? Thank you so much!

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Strong jawline

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the growth pattern is called "low angle" so that theRe is almost a 90 degree angle at the ramus/ back of jaw. The chin can also appear shorter in this pattern. There are a few options. You can undergo a  V line type of procedure with a proper genioplasty for the most significant result.  Or simply change the angle of the jawline dependent upon your actual bite. Consult a Maxillofacial cosmetic surgeonot.  

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