Liposuction / abdominal etching results. Are my expectations unrealistic? (Photo)

I had abdominal etching performed at the beginning of January. 4 months later, I do not see the results that were promised or I expected. I followed my doctor's directions, continue to work out hard and did not gain any weight. I expected to see better results by now. Are my expectations unrealistic? Can abdominal etching be performed again safely . I am seeing my doctor in a couple of weeks for follow up. How should I address my issues.

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Expectations after abdominal etching

Abdominal etching is not effective for everyone, particularly if your total body fat composition is too high. Generalized liposuction would help reduce some fat from your anterior abdominal wall and flanks, but it cannot change your body fat composition. You would be better off getting the look you want through lifestyle modification. This means you would build muscle mass in your abdominal muscles as well as lose fat simultaneously. So but no surgery can give you that. 

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Abdominal Etching


You are well built and athletic, there is no reason you should have opted for 'etching'.  Your goal should have been generalized reduction of the abdominal fat pad.  Etching seems like a good idea and looks good in static photos, but is a far cry from true muscular visibility. 

You don't supply us with before photos, so no assessment of your results can really be made, other than minor irregularities. I recommend you get a few second opinions from surgeons certified by the ABPS and members of the ASAPS who specialize in liposuction.  

Best of luck!

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I suggest you see a hi definition contouring expert for treatment

It all depends on what was discussed as an ultimate outcome.  Etching can come in many forms.  Some doctors just try to thin down the fat in hopes that it will give an etched appearance, but this rarely is the case.  If you truly want an etched apperance, and I am not saying that is best for you without a formal consultation, you should go to someoen who is trained in male aesthetics and does a significant amount of hi definition procedures with multiple devices. In my practice I have 5 devices and I am often fat harvesting and transfering to chest, shoulders, claves, and arms to get that really muscular appearance.  Luckily your results are good for liposuction and the scars are barely noticeable but are still not in the areas I typically would use for etching.  I suggest a second opinion.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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