Would Invisalign be able to make my severe overbite better? (photos)

I have had an overbite since forever but every year it seems to get worse and I am not sure if I should do braces or Invisalign. Thanks in advance!

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Severe Overbite

Nice photos to help us advise. Thanks!Either traditional braces or Invisalign will reduce your overbite to an acceptable level. The braces, as I assume you already know, are always in place and always working. You will finish treatment a bit sooner than with Invisalign. The ability to remove the aligners to eat and clean your teeth, as well as for social events, make Invisalign a more attractive treatment modality for most adult patients. The decision is really up to YOU once you are fully informed on both options.There are a number of good orthodontists in your area for you to consult with. Good Luck!

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