Injection In The Smile Area Only To Affect The Cheek Areas??

is it normal to have injection in smile area and swelling creeps up you cheek area and cause the face to look awkward even though you never had an injection in the cheek areas.??

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Swelling post fillers

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By "in the smile area" I assume that you mean into the nasal labial folds.... It is common to have swelling in the cheeks if you were injected in the NLF lines. Remember that swelling moves and swelling is the most common "complication" from fillers.

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Injection to Smile Area with Swelling

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It is normal to have swelling after injections, but not typical for filler itself to migrate.  Without pictures it is hard to tell is your result is typical or not.  Please post photos for us to help.  Thanks! Dr. Emer.

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