Could my incision be infected will this effect the scar? (photos)

The rest of my in disown healed pretty well but this little corner seems to have stretched out and is yellow in color I went to my surgeon and he said it was fine and gave an an antibiotic spray is this normal? Will it effect how my scar looks afterwards ?

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If you incision doesn't split

or the redness does not progress, your wound should heal well on its own with time.  If you have any adverse changes in the wound, you must let your surgeon know immediately.

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Could my incision be infected will this effect the scar?

Thank you for your pictures and questions. From what I see in the picture, I would not be overly worried. There is one small area that has no healed as well, but this will likely prove to be negligible with time. Follow the instructions of your plastic surgeon and keep close follow up.

Best of luck!

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Delayed healing

Occasionally, delayed wound healing occurs. It may be caused by the knot of the suture that is close to the skin surface. Use local wound care as directed by your surgeon. And don't be surprised if you see a little knot extrude from the skin edge which will likely have no affect on the final outcome. 

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Slow healing on incisions

Thank you for your question and photos.  From what I can see, you appear to have some superficial healing delay at the end of the incision.  This happens from time to time and will generally resolve itself with local wound care.  Best to follow your surgeon's advice on the wound care.  The final scar may be slightly wider in these areas but generally will not be visible when looking straight at the breasts.   It will take 8-12 months for the scar to mature.  If you are unhappy with the scar at that time, you could consider a scar revision.  Good luck. 

Matthew H. Steele, MD
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