I want to become SUPER tight. Are ThermiVa and/or Femilift effective for tightening? Or is a full vaginoplasty the best option?

I've recently started dating someone who used to be with an Asian girl, and always talks about the fact that he LOVED how tight she was. It has become a big insecurity of mine. I've been looking up non-surgical procedures like ThermiVa & Femilift, but it doesn't sound like those are meant for vaginal tightening exclusively - I don't need help with urinary incontinence or lubrication, I just want to get 12-year-old tight. Is a surgical vaginoplasty the most effective, guaranteed option? Thanks!

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Vaginas aren't supposed to be tight

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but if you're wanting more tone down there, consider working your PCG muscles and even using that dumb bell that women have to hold up with their vaginal muscles, or just the kegel exercises.  Even if you could be made 'tight', you will loosen quite quickly and if you use toys in the off season, they certainly do not help with preserving 'tightness'.  As for the idiot you are dating, he isn't worthy of being with you and he can spend his whole life looking for what he 'loves' the most.  I personally would want someone to love me and not just a part of me.

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Your vagina can be made tighter, but let's leave your partner and the 12-year-old girls out of the discussion

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Vaginoplasty is the gold standard for vaginal tightening. Nothing even comes close. Nonsurgical treatments offer temporary and modest tightening for women who don't want surgery or who don't need surgery. Your motivations for vaginal tightening are completely misplaced. Surgery won't change your partner's memory of another partner nor will it turn you into his previous partner. If your shallow-minded partner isn't happy with you or your vagina, it's time to get a new partner.

Non-Surgical Vaginal Tightening Options

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With the availability of recent technology, there are few nonsurgical vaginal rejuvenation options available for our patients. CO2 fractionated lasers include the FemiLift, MonaLisa Touch and IntimaLase. The ThermiVa as radiofrequency energy that can also treat the outer Labia to reduce and tighten this area. 

It can increase blood flow, sensitivity and orgasm. It can increase moisture and decrease stress urinary incontinence for many women.


PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) can be added to these procedures which may make a difference in the outcome. It can be injected into the vaginal mucosa to increase circulation and vaginal health, O-shot.   PRP can also be used for a “G” Shot which is injected into the G-spot.


Costs for non-surgical laser vaginal rejuvenation are approximately 3000 - for 3 sessions.  Twice yearly or yearly follow up treatments are recommended to maintain vaginal health. If PRP is being added there is an additional $1000-1200 per treatment session.

Jed H. Horowitz, MD, FACS
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How can I become super tight? (Like my boyfriends ex girlfriend)

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A vaginoplasty is the best way to tighten your vagina.  It is better than office techniques or pelvic floor exercises. But as a general rule of thumb one should avoid surgery when possible or without good indication.

As a women's physician for over twenty years, your question and circumstances raise some red flags.

Sex is an important part of life.  Its physically and emotionally satisfying.  But it should be spiritually satisfying too. The purpose of sex is fundamentally procreation, the creation of new life.  Women don't do well when they choose partners that are substandard,  This means that you want a partner who will be with you when you need him - like you get pregnant as a simple example - or if you are going through other stresses that life inevitably brings. 

A partner that talks about his ex girlfriend's super tight vagina is not a guy who will be supportive of you as a woman.  Already early in the relationship he is putting you down and making you feel inadequate and like you owe him something.  Guys can be real selfish jerks that are concerned about themselves and don't answer the needs or desires of others.  If someone is criticizing you at the beginning of the relationship, this will continue and get worse. 

A woman who chooses to have a vaginoplasty should do it for herself and not her partner.  If you desire to change your body to satisfy another - and suffer through an operation to meet the standard of another - you are setting yourself up for failure and disappointment.  Women that have tightening operations in monogamous long term relationships or after divorce and before they meet another - and wait a while before they get involved with someone - are the ones that tend to do the best.

"Super-tight" possibilities?!?

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So-called "non-invasive options" such as Thermi and FemiLift provide only modest tightening. In order to understand the mechanism of tightening, it is good to understand the normal physiologic mechanisms of how the vagina lubricated and dilates (expands) normally during lovemaking, and whether surgical tightening will satisfy your goals. I'd recommend booking a consultation with a Gyn who specializes in vaginal tightening and is ALSO a "sexual medicine practitioner," specializing in sexual function issues. The attached weblink and other areas on this educational site may help.

Best Wishes,

Michael P Goodman, MD

Davis, CA, USA

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