I had Smart Lipo one week ago and I'm so swollen I can't put on shoes. Is this normal?

I am getting more swollen by the hour. I have contacted my surgeon and he says I should only worry if I have a fever. I work in a hospital and I'm having difficulty transferring patients and such. Is this common?

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Smartlipo Swelling.

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Swelling after liposuction that prevents you wearing shoes is not unusual but does require attention.  Your surgeon should examine you and we use low dose water pills on occasion to help resolve problematic swelling.


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Thanks for your question. Swelling after SmartLipo is normal. Consistently being on your feet can be strenuous so taking breaks, and elevating your feet every couple of hours may help. Should this become excessive, you should visit your primary doctor.

Bruce E. Katz, MD
New York Dermatologic Surgeon
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Your swelling is more than normal

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i have done over 600 Smartlipos in my office and i have never heard of anyone not being able to get their shoes on. However it is very common to get some swelling. i do all of my Smartlipos under local. however, i know some surgeons will use general anesthesia which will cause you to retain more fluid. you should let your plastic surgeon know. i would recommend elevating your feet to your heart level when you can. however you should still be up walking otherwise. i would be very surprised if this did not resolve over the next week. compression hose would be a good idea while you are this swollen. The fact that is it bilateral makes it very unlikely it is a DVT, which is already very, very uncommon with Smartlipo. good luckdavid berman md


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I would suggest avoiding excess salt and wearing compression stocking to help minimize the swelling. Also, continue to walk and wear your compression garments. Elevate your feet when you get home. The swelling will slowly go away.

Post Lipo

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I suggest speaking with your physician again if problem continues. The combination of being a nurse and being on your feet for a prolonged period of time if the lower extremeties were involved will add to the likelihood of swelling. Please call your treating surgeon immediately for any questions regarding his postoperative protocol with surgery. Try compression socks and massages to alleviate some of the symptoms Best, Dr. Berger

Post Liposuction Irregularities, Swelling -- Try Massage, Exilis Ultra/Cellutone or Venus Legacy With Your Compression

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I suggest speaking to your physician , it is common to be swollen for weeks to months after liposuction procedures.  Best, Dr. Emer.

Jason Emer, MD
Los Angeles Dermatologic Surgeon
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Swelling is common in the first few weeks after lipo and is worsened by prolonged standing

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The more lipo you had done and the lower on your body it was done, the more swelling you can expect with prolonged standing. Don't expect to return to a nursing job with tight footwear and be comfortable. Get compression stockings, take breaks to kick your feet up from time to time and see your surgeon for an examination promptly. "Call me if you have a fever" is not good enough.

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