I purchased PMMA from a banned website and had it injected into my face - can it be removed?

Anyway I instance start swelling after the injection into the lines of face, the swelling is going up my face, I was check out by emergency and they started me antibiotics just in case after I learned about the derma fillers. Can you tell me what more I can do, can this material be taken out my face with injections or do I need surgery, I had it done yeterday 6/11/2014 thank you

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PMMA and Complications

What you did wasn't the best idea, but you need to move forward and get treatment at this point.  I suggest you seeing a cosmetic dermatologist immediately for a biopsy and culture and a full evaluation.  The complications from this can be complex and long term if you don't seek help immediately.  I wish you the best, Dr. Emer.

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Can you remove PMMA filler

Well that was just not smart. First of all, purchasing PMMA from a banned website is 1. illegal and 2. it means it most likely was NOT PMMA to begin with. So, we now have no idea what was injected into you (or by whom??). Assuming it is PMMA, there is no way to remove that type of filler. But again, and I stress this, most likely it isn't PMMA. It could be cheap silicone; it could be an expired version of another product; it could be garbage. You are going to be lucky to find someone to work on you because many doctors simply can't take on the liability of working on something like this because of malpractice issues. Your first and best bet is to have a biopsy done of the area to even see if someone can determine what is in there. I'm sorry this happened, but this was such a bad idea.

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