I Had IPL and a Month Later Indentations Around my Eyes That Weren't There Before-can It Grow Back?

I am afraid IPL caused fat loss under my eyes. At The top of my cheeks where they meet the bottom of my undereye area there is a groove that I never had before. This type of aging is not something i see in my family at all so it's not that and i've always taken extra care with my eye area. This is sooo disheartening. I went through a Groupon deal -- maybe doctor isn't trained or competent? I cannot tell - she tells me .1 penetration not deep enough to cause probs-any help?? Can fat re-grow?

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It is highly unlikely that IPL caused the fat atrophy as you are describing.  It would be a good idea to observe your before and after photos to see if there is a difference.

Fat loss after IPL

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Fat loss, or atrophy, cannot occur from just IPL. The depth the light goes isn't remotely deep enough to affect fat. If it were, frankly, we'd be using it to treat fat, and we aren't. Radio frequency can affect fat, but it's highly unlikely the machine used had IPL/RF that was that deep. Usually in order to affect fat it has to be just a radio frequency device, not a combo unit.


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I agree that the IPL device does not penetrate the skin deep enough to cause fat loss.  Side effects from IPL could include blisters, pigmentary changes and scarring.  Your practitioner may have before pictures so that you can compare.


There are however radiofrequency devices that penetrate deeper and at high energy levels can cause fat destruction.  

A solution to the deep tear trough area is a filler such as hyaluronic acid.  

Cynthia Golomb, MD
Pembroke Pines Dermatologist

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