9 days post op Coolsculpting of my lower abs, I look 4 months pregnant. Is this normal?

did vertically with one suction on each side of belly button (separate times of course). belly was actually not too bad before the event- now? i look 4 months pregnant and cannot suck in the stomach. i am freaking out. i work out and eat like a nutritionist would. please tell me when this will go down and if there is a chance it won't.

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Swelling post coolsculpting

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Slight Post treatment swelling can persist for 3 weeks. Sometimes even longer. The level that you describe is not normal. Contact your treating physician for detail.

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Coolsculpting and swelling

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Coolsculpting is a great procedure for reducing the bulge in the treated area.  If you are having swelling nine days later I recommend you return to your treating physician for examination. Please let me know what the results are.

Swelling after coolsculpting

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Coolsculpting induces programmed cell death of fat cells by selectively freezing them. In a small population of patients, there can be more swelling than in others. At 9 days post procedure, this should start to resolve.

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Cool Sculpting

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You should start to see the decrease in swelling at this point.  Did you have any bruising?  I also have my patient use a little adjustable wait trimmer belt to provide some compression and support.

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