I Had Bilateral Axillary Breast Tissue Surgically Excised About One Year Ago but It Has Now Grown Back; Seeking Advice?

I am wondering if a second surgery is an option, or if it would just grow back again. The consistency of the tissue if different due to the formation of scar tissue from the first surgery, and the pain is actually worse now, especially before/ during my period. Would it be sagacious to seek surgery again so soon and/or could this possibly be due to lack of surgeon skill? I saw a breast surgeon, not a plastic surgeon (if that makes any difference). Thank you!

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Axillary breast tissue - recurrence?

Your situation requires an exam.  If you liked your original surgeon, return to him/her.  If you are concerned about aesthetics, then find a local plastic surgeon (and there are many in your area) to evaluate your concerns and to come up with a suitable plan to address your issues.  As for coverage by insurance, a medical need must be established and your surgeon must be a participating provider.

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Axillary breast tissue re-excision

If you still have accessory breast tissue, you can possibly have re-excisoin but you would need a proper evaluation in person.

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Axillary Breast Tissue Surgically Excised About One Year Ago but It Has Now Grown Back; Seeking Advice?

It is certainly possible/safe to undergo repeat excision of the axillary tissue. Assuming you were pleased with the outcome of the procedure, I do not think that you should assume that something was done incorrectly. On the hand, it should be a concern that the excess tissue has “recurred” so quickly;  see if you can figure out why this may be. Has there been a change in weight or use of estrogen containing medications?

 You will want to make sure that your breasts have achieved as much of a “stable state” prior to proceeding with any additional surgery.

 Best wishes.

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