Are these festoons or tear troughs? Can they be treated by injections? (Photo)

Hi. I am a 52 year old female who had a fair share of sun exposure in her youth. Otherwise totally healthy, steady correct weight, and no bad habits. As you can see I have a lot of issues going on under my eyes. I would like to know if you think these issues can be helped with some sort of filler.

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Malar bags

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To me these look more like malar bags as a result of midfacial volume loss and descent. The hollow are that is left behind as your cheek pads fall away from your lower eyelids are called tear troughs. The treatment for these is either revolumising the midface to bring fullness back to the cheek up to the lower lid area with or without a mid face lift. I cannot see your neck in this picture to comment if that would benefit from a lift too, which would make the face lift more relevant. Filling the midface is very effective alone for what you describe. The question is what type of filler you and your injector prefer. You can choose from reversible HA based filler or longer lasting products.Hope this helps. Adam Goodwin

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