Femilift vs Thermiva?

I am debating between getting Femilift or Thermiva. I'm interested in tightening but increased lubercation is my biggest concern. Someone pls help.

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Nonsurgical vs Surgical Vaginal Rejuvenation

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#Non-surgical treatments with #Thermiva radiofrequency can reduce the labia for some patients. With the availability of recent technology, there are few nonsurgical vaginal rejuvenation options available for our patients. CO2 fractionated lasers include the FemiLift, MonaLisa Touch and IntimaLase. The ThermiVa is radiofrequency energy that can also treat the outer Labia to reduce and tighten this area.
It can increase blood flow, sensitivity, and orgasm. It can increase moisture and decrease urinary incontinence for many women.
PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma ) can be added to these procedures which may make a difference in the outcome. It can be injected into the vaginal mucosa to increase circulation and vaginal health, O-shot. PRP can also be used for a “G” Shot which is injected into the G-spot.
Such non-surgical laser vaginal rejuvenation require approximately 3 sessions. Once or twice yearly follow up treatments are recommended to maintain vaginal health. Also, if PRP is being added there is an additional fee per treatment session.
However, surgery is the most common treatment. It can usually corrected your concern in less than one hour with the use of a local anaesthetic. Often, many women feel more comfortable and relaxed with a quick twilight or general anaesthetic. Each procedure is customized to the physical findings as well as the desired goals of the patient. There is no one right solution for all patients, but there is a solution for every woman. The outcome of a Labiaplasty is a more youthful appearance, ability to wear all types of clothing without discomfort and/or embarrassment, and a more confident sex life.
The best procedure approach will be discussed in greater detail during your one-on-one consultation.

Orange County Plastic Surgeon
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Thermiva wins the overall vaginal rejuvenation battle

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Although both procedures can tighten the vaginal canal, consider the added benefits of Thermiva- 
1)no down time
2)tightens vagina internally and externally
3)generally less expensive than femilift
4)proven sidebar benefits of increasing sexual and orgasmic satisfaction, increasing clitoral and vaginal sensitivity
5)no chance of burning the delicate tissues
Why would you choose anything else for your non-invasive vaginal rejuvenation?
This isn't to say that a surgical option may be more reasonable for your individual situation, however.  So choose a great doctor who you can trust for his candid recommendations.

Steven Yarinsky, MD
Albany Plastic Surgeon
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Femilift vs Thermiva?

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There is no comparison. FemiLift is the system that works. I believe that ThermiVa is a scam. Femi Lift by Alma is a fractional CO2 laser device. We have Femi Lift in our practice and I speak for the manufacturer, as well as for several other RF based device manufacturers. At this time, there is no question at all that FemiLift works and that ThermiVa has been less than candid and honest in their marketing. I have concluded that ThermiVa is not a trustworthy company.

ThermiVA is a radio frequency based device that works through direct bulk heating. ThermiVa has been supported by claims that it increases lubrication and improves vaginal function. In that ThermiVa is not FDA approved for intra-vaginal use, and that these claims are not supported by any valid, peer reviewed studies that I can find, it is unlikely that ThermiVa will help with any vaginal issues in a lasting way.. This technology is not able to raise tissue temperatures sufficiently to promote new collagen growth (Neocollagenesis), which is necessary for any lasting results. It has been shown that Neocollagenesis occurs ONLY when the tissues are heated to 60-70C. ThermiVa absolutely does not heat tissues to 60-70C, but only achieves perhaps 45-55 degrees Celsius. By heating the vaginal lining tissues, ThermiVa causes swelling, or edema. There is no scientific basis that supports the notion of ThermiVa producing long lasting results. Furthermore, as we all learned in 2nd year medical school pathology class, chronic inflammation and edema leads to FIBROSIS (a pathologic process). Fibrosis is a disorderly process of SCAR FORMATION, as opposed to the functionally regenerative process of Neocollagenesis. Think about nasty ugly scars on the skin that occur due to injury. That is the process of scar formation. Fractional laser devices, such as Femi Lift by Alma lasers, actually have been shown through rigorous scientific study, to promote Neocollagenesis by heating the vaginal lining tissues to 60-70 degrees Celsius. Furthermore, Femi Lift also causes fractional ablation of the vaginal lining, resulting in regrowth of a thicker and more youthful vaginal lining. In my practice we have treated dozens of patients with Femi Lift and I have not seen a single treatment failure. Furthermore, most, if not all of my stress urinary incontinence patients (mild to moderate severity) have completely resolved their SUI. Lastly many have posted that ThermiVa is a "newer" technology. That is just patently untrue. Fractional CO2 laser technology was first used clinically in the early 2000's. Radio frequency has been in use since the 1980's and the external application (like ThermiVa) was how RF was first used. People, do your homework and do not trust those who are untruthful!


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We have experience with both systems and would highly recommend ThermiVa over Femilift. There is no down time, no risk of burning, it not only tightens the vagina, but it also increases sensitivity of the vagina and the clitoral region. Additional benefits are the skin tightening and rejuvenation of the outside of the vagina. I agree w/ a consult with a Reconstructive Vaginal Surgeon, as not all women are candidates. The procedure is excellent for mild and moderate laxity, however with more severe damage it will not be as effective as Vaginal Rejuvenation Surgery.

Best of Luck,

Dr Robert D Moore, FACOG, FPMRS, FACS

Atlanta - Beverly Hills - Dubai

Robert D. Moore, DO
Atlanta Urogynecologist
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ThermiVA versus FemiLift

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With thermiVA there is no downtime.  Sometimes doing both is even better.  I suggest seeing an expert for an evaluation.  Both do well.  Dr. Emer.

Jason Emer, MD
Los Angeles Dermatologic Surgeon
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I prefer the ThermiVa system because it can help tighten the vaginal areas, similar to the Femilift, but it can also increase the sensitivity of the vulvar, clitoral and vaginal tissues to heighten your sexual experience. Plus, after Thermiva you can have sex that night; there is no downtime. Good luck.

FemiLift, without hesitation

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Hello Ehya,
Thank you for your question. I've offered FemiLift, laser vaginal resurfacing, to my patients with complaints of vaginal looseness, stress urinary incontinence, and dryness for over 2 years with excellent results in the properly selected patient. In women with your symptoms we see their dryness improve after the first treatment. The benefit of the FemiLift over ThermiVa are many, but in your case the treatment is quick, less than 5 minutes, and the results are longer lasting.
See link below for patient reviews of their experience.  I do recommend you consult with a reconstructive and cosmetic vaginal surgeon experienced in all treatment options for vaginal rejuvenation to see what you are a candidate for. Hopefully, you're a candidate. 
Best of luck,

Oscar A. Aguirre, MD
Denver Urogynecologist
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ThermiVa for increased lubrication and function

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Thanks for your question about vaginal rejuvenation and ThermiVa.

I recommend ThermiVa.

Best Wishes

Steven M. Camp, MD
Fort Worth Plastic Surgeon
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ThermiVa in Williamsville, NY

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I agree that ThermiVa has no downtime. It accomplished vaginal tightening, increases sensitivity during intercourse, increases flow to the clitoris and thus sensitivity, and also has beneifts on the labia majora and sometimes, labia minora. 

Dr H Karamanoukian

You need an exam to check your condition before picking the best treatment for your condition

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Either FemiLift or ThermiVa will improve lubrication if the vagina is tight and "normal". Both procedures have zero downtime and cost about the same and you can choose between them by flipping a coin because there is no data comparing the two head-to-head anywhere at the present time. HOWEVER, if your vagina is loose, the major reason for your lubrication issue might be excess vaginal laxity and it will not improve with either of these procedures. See a cosmetic gynecolgist with experience in vaginoplasty, pelvic reconstruction and nonsurgical treatments such as FemiLift or ThermiVa for an unbiased opinion.

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