What factors determine the amount of scar tissue formation after a rhinoplasty going into a revision rhinoplasty?

Hello I prev asked the question about closed-open surgery-scar tissue. What other factors affect scar tissue formation: skin type? Because I have medium thickness w/ oily skin. Or is it the areas in the nose the previous surgeon worked on, and the degree of change, and/or the techniques used by previous surgeon? Thank you

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Scar tissue after rhinoplasty?

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all of the things you mentioned contribute to scar formation after rhinoplasty.  And exam would be necessary to determine what needs to be done with your nose. See a very experienced revision rhinoplasty surgeon who is  familiar with these issues. 

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Scar tissue formation for a revision rhinoplasty

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There are many variables in the healing process with a rhinoplasty and especially revision rhinoplasty.  The thickness of the skin, contraction forces on healing, the previous alterations in the normal anatomy from the primary rhinoplasty.  The tip of the nose is usually  has the thickest skin, so that healing can be quite variable

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