Can facial exercises tighten skin by increasing facial muscles? If so, can you explain the best exercises?

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Skin tightening

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There are many ways to tighten skin but increasing the size of the facial muscles may be counterintuitive. Even if you could make you facial muscles bigger AND they would fill out the skin overlying them, your net result is a smoother skin surface but a much fuller face. While your skin is smoother, your face fuller = bigger. Is this what you want? I don't think so. 

There are technologies that are not surgical that can tighten your skin without making your face look fuller. Companies are providing devices that respond to your primary concern = smoother skin. These devices focus on your concern, tightening one's skin. They are not ablative, which means that you do not have to deal with the recovery of a laser skin resurfacing. Hope this helps! 


San Francisco Plastic Surgeon
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Facial exercises

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contrary to what late night infomercial products may try to sell you on tv , you can not tighten your skin with facial exercises . Muscles on the body can hypertrophy with exercise because they are connected via tendons . Most of your facial muscles are connected bone to bone without tendons, therefore will not hypertrophy with repeated usage. Therefore facial skin will remain the same . In fact repeated facial movements will breakdown the elastin in your skin and cause more wrinkling . The principal behind Botox is to weaken facial movement and muscles to decrease wrinkling effects 

Drew Varano, MD
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