What can I do to my face to look and feel prettier? (photos)

I am very unhappy with my appearance. My face doesn't look feminin to me, I really want to get fillers so I look prettier. My right side of my face looks different from my left, it's more sunk in than my left side. My face looks sleepy and droopy to where I'm always asked if I'm sick! I'm 29, a non smoker and I use sun screen every day

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Fillers for the face

Thank you for your question Califachica. Fillers can be used to enhance various facial features. Voluma works well to restore volume in the cheek, enhancing the bridge of the nose, and filling in temporal hollows. Restylane works well for tear troughs. And Botox can be used to treat the square jaw by placing it in the masseter muscle. When a combination of these treatments is used a harmonious balance can be restored to the face and the face looks younger and more rested. Please consult with a doctor for specific recommendations. Good luck!

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