Estimate for breast Augmentation (D cup to G) via (liposuction, etc.)?

"using" the fat from my upper arms (triceps area?), back and waist. Extracting/destroying as much as medically possible! reserving the requisite amount for the augmentation procedure. I had my boobs augmented (to a D, via silicone implants, under the muscle) at UCSF in July 2015. We're both ready to proceed ASAP so as soon as facility scheduling permits we can execute. Please reply with cost estimate (outline) and availability. Cheers.

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Realistically, you will not enlarge your breasts from a D cup to a G cup with fat transfers, no matter from what area. A G cup is a very large and heavy breast that may not look good long term. Plus, that amount of weight may bother your neck and shoulders. A fat transfer usually increases the breast size from a half cup to one cup per transfer. I would suggest meeting with your surgeon and realistically discuss what can and cannot be done with implants.

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