Breast reconstruction: Dominant side implant higher than other side. (photo)

I am 6 weeks s/p reconstructive surgery after a preventative bilateral mastectomy. I have smooth round silicone implants. My right implant (also my dominant side) is noticeably higher that my left. I began doing massage, wearing a chest compression strap and doing displacement exercises about 3 weeks after surgery. I can't see any change yet. Just wondering if my it will eventually settle. Overall I am content but this is very noticeable to me when I wear lower cut tanks/or shelf camisoles.

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Breast reconstruction: Dominant side implant higher than other side.

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Thank you for your pictures and questions. Unfortunately without better pictures, it can be hard to appreciate exactly what you are referring to. I am assuming that you are following up with your surgeon and following his or her advice regarding your concerns. I take it from the thread that you had a single-stage reconstruction with placement of permanent implants at the time of the mastectomy? While this approach can be beneficial and appropriate, it also carries with it a high chance of needing revisions in the future to fine tune things. This is why sometimes placement of a tissue expander can be beneficial as those changes can be made prior to placement of the permanent implants. 

Either way, I would advise that at only 6 weeks, there is still a significant amount of healing and settling that needs to take place. I would continue the conservative management you have described for the next several weeks. If at 3-6 months, you still have a significant asymmetry, then you can discuss with your surgeon the possibility of a revision. 

Best of luck!

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