Did my doctor put too heavy of implants in? Or too big of a pocket? (photo)

I had 34a. Doctor implanted 350cc silicone. It has been a year now. My boobs used to be perky. Now they look saggy and spread apart. My nipples feel like they are almost pointing downwards. What can I do? I'm severely regretting this surgery.

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350 cc implants after 1 year

Your breasts look very good and natural.  Breasts will age with time.  If you aren't happy with the results, you should definitely discuss this with your plastic surgeon.  Explain to him or her what it is you want to changed.

San Francisco Plastic Surgeon
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Your doctor did nothing wrong...

and you really look good where your results are natural with only a contour issue along your left medial breast that I appreciate from scrutinizing your photos.  If you want perky, then you will benefit from a lift.  If you want your implants higher and fake mounds, you will need re-positioning of your implants as well as a breast lift.  Overall, I think you look great but beauty is in the eye of the beholder so talk to your surgeon and find out what options you have if change is really needed.

Curtis Wong, MD
Redding Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Ptosis

Thank you for your question. Unfortunately breast tissue and skin do stretch over time, with weight. Everyone experiences this differently. You may want to consider a breast lift procedure to reposition your areolas and achieve a more perky look/ I recommend that you discuss your concerns in person with your Plastic Surgeon.
All the best

Jerome Edelstein, MD
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Post op

I would love to see your preop pictures.i think the breast on my left looks perfectly natural. I think the one on my right could be adjusted, but I am willing to bet they were not symmetric before the surgery

Jonathan Saunders, MD
Newark Plastic Surgeon
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Regretting augmentation

Hi waffeelll,

I'm sorry you're not happy with your long term result.  Did you like your breasts appearance at first?  One of the problems with breast augmentation is that the implants will cause the native breast tissue to stretch to accommodate them.  So with time, tissues can relax and spread.  Every individual is different - so some people's tissue will spread and relax more than others'.  Either way - it is unlikely to be a problem with the pocket or the implant choice.  Did you choose the size with your doctor?  I also wonder if you have gained any weight?  That can also cause a significant increase in the weight of your breasts.  This issue usually arises over many years, not one. I frequently remove breast implants for women who have aged and/or gained weight after augmentation and feel the same way.  Because of the tissue stretch caused by the implants most women choose to have a lift at the time of their implant removal.
Sorry there isn't an easy answer.  And best of luck.

M. Renee Jespersen, MD
Arlington Plastic Surgeon
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