How to know if you disrupted nasal sutures after rhinoplasty?

I saw a lot of answers regarding how excess pressure on the tip of the nose after a rhinoplasty may compromise the internal sutures and ruin the results. One month post op I squeezed some blackheads on the tip of the nose. Although it was not painful and the shape looks the same as before, how can I tell if I ruined the sutures within the nose? My surgeon is in Korea so it is not easy to communicate.

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Disrupting tip sutures

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At 4 weeks the tissues are pretty strong but it is still not a good idea to be squeezing the blackheads.  I would worry about inducing infection in a freshly minted rhinoplasty. A licensed esthetician can safely do extractions with a sterile curette after six weeks in my opinion if all tissues are well healed.

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