Dental Bridge replacement material options that would match a veneer/look most natural? (photo)

I have a porcelain/metal bridge that I got in 2006 after a failed root canal (front left tooth). I'm not a candidate for dental implant as I don't have enough bone due to cleft lip/palate (already repaired). I'd like to replace the bridge and get a veneer to make my front teeth more symmetrical. What would go best with a veneer and for a natural look -- Lithium Disilicate or Zirconium? Or are there other possibilities for procedures or materials that might work best? Thanks!

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Beautiful smile with the right material

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making aBeautiful smile with the right material is always A concern with the dentist and the patient. With the new materials available today in both zirconium, lithium disilicate and other materials are all great acetic choices there are new high translucent zirconium that is as aesthetic any material available.   Ultimately the key is to have a master ceramist involved in your final treatment plan.  We feel having the ability to have same-day custom finish in the dental office is the best choice when it comes to creating a new smile.   Due to the constant change your dental materials we normally try to avoid matching old porcelain or old dental products. It can be done with a master ceramist and an in house custom  finish. However we would not want a single tooth to dictate or compromise your final result.   Ultimately to get the smile you want you need to have the proper lab helping you achieve that goal and a new smile should be like you getting a custom suit you should have Control of what you think looks the best

Beverly Hills Dentist

Matching dental materials is a challenge

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There is a lot that goes into matching teeth/materials.  Lithium disilicate will look the most natural, but a bridge made out of that may not withstand the bite forces you have, so a careful evaluation is needed.  If possible, a zirconium frame to the bridge and lithium disilicate on top can match the veneer, but material thickness may be an issue as well.  Choosing a dentist that uses the right lab will be key, as the lab technician is the most critical step here.  Metamerism is also an issue, blending the veneer, the bridge, and the natural teeth nearby to match each other.

Most natural material

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Lithium disilicate is going to be your best bet. It will allow you to make both the bridge and veneer out of the same material.

Vicki Borowski, DDS
Dallas Dentist

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