Delayed and Uneven Z-Wave Massages with Coolsculpting

I got 2 cycles yesterday. On the 1st side, the tech forgot to setup the Z-Wave before removing the applicator, so the fat block melted down before she started massaging. With the 2nd side, the Z-Wave machine was setup and massaged far more deeply and longer. The 2 sides feel different now. Do you think the treatment worked on the 1st side even though the massage didn't happen til 5 minutes after the applicator was removed? And will this cause unevenness in the 2 sides?

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Zwave and Coolscupting

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z wave is best used immediately after coolsculpting to get better outcomes. we combine with vanquish to get the "fire, ice and earthquake" treatment which gives the best outcome.  Dr. Emer.

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