Just four days past Ptosis and upper Belpharoplasy but Left eye hard to open all the way. Scared! (photos)

My right eye is looking good. Neither eye has a lot of swelling left. I iced like crazy. But my right eye looks and feels awful. I have limited vision because I can't raise my eyelid all the way. It feels very tight in the lateral corner. Totally different than the right. I am worried, scared. Had small amount of Botox in brows a month before surgery. Could this be Botox affect on the right? If so, will it just wear off? Is there anything to be done at this point?

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Droopy eyelid after surgery

Since you had the Botox a month before we can't blame the Botox. It does appear that the right eyelid Ptosis  may not have been corrected enough. But you are very early in the healing process. If it doesn't raise much after a couple of weeks your physician may recommend a revision tightening of the right eyelid. Definitely keep your follow up with your surgeon and voice your concerns.

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Why is my eyelid drooping after eyelid surgery?

After ptosis surgery, the muscle can be limited by swelling, or weakening do to manipulation. But also this may represent tethering of the muscle or slipping of the muscle after it was placed. Discuss your concerns with your surgeon.

Jeffrey M. Joseph, MD
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When did you get botox?

Botox is not routinely used at the time of surgery.  Most surgeons realized the product can uncontrollably drift when used the time of surgery so most do not inject botox at the time of surgery.  Did your surgeon tell you that they would inject you with botox at the time of surgery?  If you are talking about a botox service done in the past, then no this is not botox.  This looks like it could be a slipped levator tendon.  The right upper eyelid is quite swollen but I do not think swelling accounts for the difference.  I personally have a rule about this type of result:  When the eyelid is heavy after ptosis surgery, patience is warranted because these often do improve.  On the other hand, over correction of the eyelid position immediately after ptosis surgery usually requires an immediate revision surgery.  You need time here for this to heal but I share your concern.  If the eyelid does not open adequately, revisional surgery will be necessary. 

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Thank you for your question. You are experiencing bruising, which is typical in the immediate time following surgery. Please keep your head elevated, refrain from lifting anything, and continue to apply cold compresses as you keep your eyes closed as much as possible. Please follow your board certified facial plastic surgeon's recovery guidelines.Best wishes,

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