Does Damage from IPL Continue to Reveal Itself over Years and if So Why and How to Prevent It???

I have circles and slackening and texture changes and I've read other posts from people saying it keeps getting worse! Can someone who knows for sure please tell me how to prevent this if it means correcting the underlying layers of the skin? My skin after 3 months is still often warm, as if I have a fever --- really great procedure you all are giving people - making your dollars anyway!

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Does damage from IPL continue to reveal itself?

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Done properly, treatments like this are fantastic and give great results. My office has done over 150,000 Fotofacial IPL treatments and we don't have these types of complaints because my staff is properly trained. Unfortunately many places that offer these types of services for extremely cheap prices, aren't properly trained, or they have old machines, or they have no physician who is directly supervising anything. In the hands of anyone inexperienced, treatments like this are absolutely dangerous.

With that being said, "damage" is hard to quantify in this sense. I don't know what happened to you, or what you were treated with. Results - whether positive or negative - will continue to develop over a few months' time, but a great deal of that also has to do with the care you are giving your skin in the meantime. It's important not to treat it harshly and to wear sunscreen every single day. If you had some type of burn(??) and then get that burn exposed to sun, yes, it more than likely will become worse. The warmth you are describing isn't something I've experienced before, as the heat dissipates within a few hours' time. However, again, if you have a burn, and this area gets hot, that can exude a heated feeling.

I would hope that you talked to the office that treated you about your concerns. And if you have issues after the treatment, you should see a trained physician (my hope is that there's one at the place you were treated), but if not, find another office that has a physician.

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