Can this be corrected? (photos)

My butt implants are too high and too small. My PS said for my 5'3 120lb frame, that's all that would look right. There is no difference between my before and after photos except my butt now has small humps near the top which sort of squares my shape out. The PS said the implants would drop into place. I don't see that happening. I am almost a month out from surgery. I'm so discouraged.

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Buttock implant correction

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To me your after looks smaller than the before. You may have had fat necrosis due to sub-optimal implant technique. You should consider a buttock implant at your 3 month mark and choose a surgeon with plenty of experience. 

I have been performing buttock implants for over 10 years. Please see link below.

Buttock augmentation

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before committing to a surgery you must make sure the surgeon is board certified plastic surgeon that has extensive experience in buttock implants.  Insist on seeing a photo gallery of past patients and even ask to speak to a past patients.  Most surgeons have patients that are willing to speak about their experience.  I would suggest and implant exchange and revision.  I would use a larger implant with lower placement.  For an experienced surgeon this isn't too extensive. 

Butt implant

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Butt augmentation can be done in 2 ways. One way is to use an implant and the other is to use your own fatty tissue. Implants were very popular but can have problems with positioning and scar tissue. Fat grafting, otherwise known as, the Brazilian butt lift has become the more popular choice. It uses your own fat and gives a natural look and feel. Your result could be a combination of the implant type, scar tissue, or positioning relative to the muscle. To fix it depends on the cause. Please contact your plastic surgeon for a check up and evaluation.

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