Can Coolaser make melasma worse as a side effect?

I've had melasma for 5 years and have tried IPL and the Q Switch Yag laser and both made my melasma worse, especially the Yag laser. But when I did do the Yag laser, the discoloration peeled off a couple days later and my skin was clear but then came back a few days later worse. I was considering Coolaser but anything with "laser" in it kind of scares me now. Is Coolaser used in the same way as other typical lasers? I'm currently using Obagi but want to speed up the process. Thanks

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Watch Out for Lasers With Melasma

You are absolutely right to be scared of lasers when you have melasma. Coolaser is no different than any of the others. It can make things worse instead of better. I would recommend chemical peels such as Cosmelan. These seem to get the melasma under control. The problem is that we have nothing available that will guarantee that the discoloration does not come back. Sun protection is a must, of course, and it really helps hold off recurrence. Hope that helps!

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