Capsular contracture in left implant only. Redo one implant with different Doctor?

I am 18 months post op and developed CC on left implant only. Is it common for doctors to redo only one implant? Especially if I went to another doctor? Or would redoing both beasts be preferred (more symmetry I'm sure.) Also would cost the same amount for a revision vs a new BA? I had silicone round before. I'm really interested in textured "gummy bears" from some studies showing possibly lower CC rates. I hope to schedule consultations soon and wanted more info before I go in. Thanks!

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Treatment of Capsular Contracture

There should always be an option to perform a contralateral surgery to the apparently 'unaffected' breast. That is because when the contracted breast is treated, hopefully by a total en bloc capsulectomy, it can become the new softer, more natural breast. The surgeon should always have the option to release or remove scar tissue from the other side. 
It seems that only shaped 'gummy bears' have enjoyed a lower capsular contracture rate, and that is more about how they placed then the  textured outer shell. Many surgeons are calling Sientra's round textured implants 'gummy bears', but this is not the case. Only anatomically shaped implants are truly 'gummy bears', or form stable to be precise, and they should be placed via an inframammary incision.
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Yes you can have another surgeon manage your contractures

but if your original surgeon provides some kind of preferred pricing, you can usually save bundles going back... unless his fees are just off the chart to begin with.  Switching implant style will require both being changed out and most experienced surgeons should be able to do this for you.  But make sure they have a revision policy you can live with as some will charge more for that than others and I would speculate your risks for needing a revision are on the high side.  And there are other ways to deal with contractures besides the texturing 'gummy bear' implants have so explore all of your options before making a decision.

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Capsular contracture in left implant only. Redo one implant with different Doctor?

I'm sorry to hear about the complication you have experienced. Yes, assuming the patient is pleased with the appearance of the contralateral breast, revisionary surgery on one breast (involved with the complication) only  is quite commonly performed.  Of course, much will depend on the patient's physical examination, goals, and preferences.
 When it comes to cost of surgery, there may be many “variables” involved. The specific surgeon's credentials/experience level (or lack thereof), the specific geographic area you are looking at, the different operations available, the location of the procedure ( quality of surgery facility), type/quality of anesthesia provider,  type of breast implants… are some of the potential variables involved.   In regards to outcome of the planned procedure, more important than costs of the procedures will be careful selection of your plastic surgeon. I would suggest starting with the American Society of Plastic Surgery and/or the Aesthetic Society of Plastic Surgery to obtain a list of well experienced board-certified plastic surgeons. Then, I would suggest you visit a few surgeons whose practices concentrate on aesthetic surgery. Ask to see lots of examples of their work and preferably speak/see patients who have had similar procedures done. Be very careful with your decision-making. You will find, while doing your due diligence, that there are many different “specialties” who will offer their services to you; again, I strongly recommend you concentrate on surgeons certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.  I hope this, and the attached link/video, helps. Best wishes.

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Capsular contracture in left implant only. Redo one implant with different Doctor?

Dear ML 1985If you have a complication such as cc this early, you could only have surgery on one breast. If you have any concerns with implant size, shape or position, you might choose to replace both. Many variables come into play including if you have true capsular contracture vs a tight pocket, how the "good side" looks to you,  implant position( if submuscular) ...  Textured implants generally have a lower cc rate but are also more firm and offer other disadvantages. This is also true of gummy bear implants. I find that most patients feel they are noticeably more firm.Your best option is to see 2 or more plastic surgeons in consultation and make a well informed decision.

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