Bruising post rhinoplasty - how to minimize it?

I am scheduled for a rhinoplasty ar the end of the month and wondering how I could prevent or (realistically) minimize the bruising. I usually blush very easily and wondering if this flow of blood to my face will eventually cause more bruising. Are there any natural supplements that can be taken preventively before surgery, like arnica? Thank you

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Decreasing bruising after rhinoplasty

I have found that a combination of Bioflavanoids (beginning 1 week before surgery), Bromelain ( from the pineapple plant Bromelia), and arnica in combination can be highly effective. These are readily available from health food stores or online.

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Bruising after a rhinoplasty

It is much more important to be focused on who is doing your rhinoplasty procedure and  the anticipated results, rather than the temporary swelling and bruising that occurs with rhinoplasty procedures.  Both swelling and bruising are present 10-14 days after the procedure.  A cast is applied across the bridge of the nose for 1 week to hold the nasal bones into their new position.  For more information and many before and after results of rhinoplasty, please see the video and the link below

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Reducing and eliminating bruising after rhinoplasty

a lot has been written about this lately. Our preferred method is administration of Desmopressin intravenously 30 min prior. Arnica has been disappointing in our experience. After surgery a 560 nM pulse light therapy will quickly break up the bruising , available from many plastic surgeons or dermatologists. The introduction of high frequency power tools instead of the traditional "hammer and chisel" has also been reported to almost eliminate this debilitating post-operative state

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Post rhinoplasty

Brusing is usually seen under the lower lids after osteotomies.It disappears 7-10 days . There will be a splint on for a week, so who cares about black and blue lids. Any residual you can cover with makeup after the splint is removed Swelling is what you get when you operate on a nose. Sometimes intraoperative IV administration of a steroid will help post op swelling. This is different from bruising. It takes months and up to a year for all swelling to disappear.

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Minimizing bruising after a rhinoplasty

Many times patients are given arnica or bromelain to reduce bruising and swelling after surgery.  Start taking these OTC medicines at least 24 hours prior to surgery and continue for 5 days following the procedure.

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