Can I still get Braces if I got a root canal and fillings in my front teeth?

So I'm planning to get braces but I got a root canal and some fillings in my front teeth, my front teeth chipped a little so I would have to get it filled again, can I still get braces?

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Orthodontics for teeth that have had root canals

Hello jenniferim! Teeth that have had root canals generally move the same as teeth that have not undergone a root canal with the exception of teeth that are fused to the bone (ankylosed) which sometimes occurs after trauma to a tooth. Teeth that are ankylosed will not respond to orthodontic forces. An orthodontist may determine with some certainty if a tooth is ankylosed by listening to the sound it makes when tapping on it. Should it not be evident if a tooth is ankylosed or not, it will become apparent a few months into orthodontic treatment if the tooth will not move.

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