Asymmetry. My right breast is smaller and left Breast too low. (photos)

I'm 7 wks post op from BA. I had pretty significant asymmetry before surgery. Will my breast look more symmetric when the right one settles? I know it won't be perfect but I would like them to look more symmetric. I had 365L 415R Naturelle Silicone mod profile behind the muscle. Also, will my left breast drop anymore? I think it's low enough and it's been that way since 2 wks post. Should I wear a really supportive bra to keep it up?

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Breast Augmentation and Asymmetry

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Congratulations on your recent breast augmentation. It takes several months for the procedure to "settle down;" however, your early results look good. I would defer the details of your aftercare to your plastic surgeon. They know more about your case and can make better decisions about the details of your recovery.

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