Is this the most asymmetrical Otoplasty result ever? (Photos)

Had bilateral Otoplasty 8 weeks ago. Left ear sticks out way more than right. Maybe an inch more. Is this the most asymmetrical result possible?

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Your is not the most asymmetrical otoplasty result

but its quite obvious and you should be able to discuss your concerns with your surgeon and if a conscientious surgeon, should help you improve your results.  But if you like your more protruding side, you could pull on the flatter ear in an attempt to help it protrude more and you must clear such activities with your surgeon.

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Is this the most asymmetrical Otoplasty result ever?

This asymmetry is not acceptable. You should ask your surgeon to correct the ear that is still protruding.


Waldemar Merck, MD
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Is this the most asymmetrical Otoplasty result ever?

Thank you for your picture and question. There does appear to be some asymmetry in your result. I would discuss this with your surgeon to discuss your options. There may have been some disruption of some of the retention sutures which may need operative repair.

Best of luck!

Dallas Buchanan, MD
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Revision otoplasty procedure

It is best to follow up with your operative surgeon to have the left ear revised to match the right side. This can be done under local anesthesia as an outpatient procedure. It is possible that some of the permanent sutures  that were placed in the ear cartilage  popped out

William Portuese, MD
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