Is it safe to have breast implant exchange/revision with a yeast infection 2 days pre-op?

I am prone to frequent yeast infections. Usually brought on from working out or high amount of stress. So I have Diflucan available prn. I'm scheduled for implant exchange with pocket revision in 2 days. I just took Diflucan & will notify surgeon in the morning. What is the probability my surgery will be cancelled & how dangerous is it to continue with surgery as planned?

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Cardio Workouts after a Breast Lift with Implant Exchange

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 You may take gentle walks within a few days but  do not return to #aerobic #exercise for 2-3 weeks.However, it's best to acquire your plastic surgeon's permission to do so. If you have concerns about your healing, or pain, such as chest pain,it is important to call your plastic surgeon to discuss these further, and you may need to be examined. 

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Yeast infections and surgery

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are greater concerns if the infection would enter the blood stream... I would not be that concerned about topical infections, especially if treated as you have done.  But you should let your surgeon know so he/she can make the decision based on your clinical presentation.

Curtis Wong, MD
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Is it safe to have breast implant exchange/revision with a yeast infection 2 days pre-op?

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The problems you have described should be able to be “cleared up” prior to surgery. Make sure your plastic surgeon is aware of your situation and get help from your primary care physician to treat your concerns, if necessary.

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Yeast infection

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Thank you for the question and certainly notify your surgeon so he can make an informed decision whether to proceed with surgery or wait

Dr Corbin

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Breast augmentation and yeast infection

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Breast augmentation is an elective procedure and thus should not be undertaken if you are ill or having other medical conditions. Now, if you have a tendency for yeast infections, you may consider being on your antibiotics as well as Diflucan through your surgery to prevent an outbreak.

Arian Mowlavi, MD, FACS
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