Breast augmentation right breast not dropping and oddly shaped. Any suggestions? (photos)

I got 500cc on the left and 550cc on the right silicone under muscle. Since day 1 I noticed my right breast was oddly shaped, almost rectangular while my left was already showing a rounded natural shape. 3 weeks later and my right breast still has that weird shape and is sitting very high. It is also very hard while the left side is already dropping and is becoming soft. Is this normal? I'm afraid my ps did not make the pocket big enough for the implant to drop. Could this be?

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Breast augmentation right breast not dropping

Thank you for your question. You are in early phase of healing. It is not unusual what we are seeing in your picture. Please be patient and follow instructions from your PS

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Odd shaped right breast, not dropping

I agree that it is still early in your post op period to expect your implants to have dropped into place. We see this a lot, particularly in right handed people. If you think about it, right handed people use their right sided muscles more and that muscle is more well developed than the other side. Talk to your surgeon about your concerns, but I believe a tincture of time and rest will all your implants to drop into place and they will look more normal. 

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Healing process

You are not wrong when you say that your right breast is oddly shaped compared to your left breast, but that will not last. This is a very normal and common part of the post operation healing process many have gone through. You look to be healing very well, your breast have simply not dropped yet. And they weren't supposed to yet. Some implants will settle in as little as two weeks, while others can take up to 4-6 months to show their final results. Once your implants do "drop and fluff" this tightness in your chest will be beneficial to keeping the augmentation look natural and "perky" for a long time to come. 
My advice is to continue your healing process and make sure to attend all follow ups with your plastic surgeon post-op, and to let him or her know of all worries that you have so you can experience the most optimal healing process.

Best wishes

Traci Temmen, MD 
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Traci Temmen, MD
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You are still very early in your healing phase and do have large implants. You will need more time for the swelling to subside, the tissues to relax and let the implants settle. Please follow all your post operative instructions and keep all your follow up visits.

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