Was I Overcorrected in my Lasik Operation?

I had Lasik surgery three days ago and my vision is currently good in the left eye, but the right eye goes in and out of blurriness. I also have a heavy head feeling and am lightheaded and dizzy, like having glasses with a bad prescription. During the pre-op the optometrist measured my left eye exactly what I had previously, however the right eye was measured at -4.75, when I have been -5.00 for the past three years. Could this overcorrection be causing the issue and will it go away by itself?

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Was I Overcorrected in my Lasik Operation?

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FIrst of all, 3 days is too soon to jump to any conclusions.  Second of all, if you were treated at -4.75 and your true correction was -5.00 and the correction did not change based on healing, you would end up -0.25 so you would not be "over-corrected," rather it would be slightly undercorrected.  More than likely the issues you are experiencing are from dry eye and I would aggressively lubricate both eyes.

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