I Had a Circumferential TT, my Backside is Flat, Will my Round Back Come Back or Not? (photo)

Hi I am 10 days PO and I noticed I do not have my big round back side I used to have. It's gone within days, it just vanished, Will it ever be the same or have I lost it? Why did this happen?

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I Had a Circumferential TT, my Backside is Flat, Will my Round Back Come Back or Not?

WOW! only 10 days post op!!! At least allow3 months of healing before asking this question. Or better yet discuss with your surgeon. 

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Changes to the buttocks following a lower body lift

You are still very early in your post op recovery period.  It is best to give it some time before your begin to analyze your results.   The fullness of the upper buttock area may have been removed as part of your circumferential lower body lift.  You should have gotten some elevation of your buttocks but may have lost some volume.

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
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Flat backside after circumferential tummy tuck

Thanks for providing the photos. It's still very early in your post op recovery phrase and it's best to wait at least 3 months to determine your results. It's hard to determine based on the photos that you submitted since the preop and postop views are at different position. The fullness of the upper buttock area may have been resected during the circumferential TT but only your surgeon can definitively answer that. The mid and lower buttocks should remain the same unless you also had liposuction done on those areas. At this point I would preach patience and allow your healing process to complete. At that time, you can then take proper before and after photos to compare your result objectively.

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Body Lift and Gluteal Flattening

Thank you for your question.  Although it is difficult to tell from the photos, since you are so bent over, you will have to exercise some patience and wait and since how things look when you are 4 months out, or atleast able to stand up straight.  Commonly, the excess gluteal fullness that patients have preoperatively is mainly excess skin and after the removal is done, things look flatter back there.  There are some techniques like fat grafting and auto augmentation that can be done to help preserve the fullness.  At this point, you just have to see how things are later on, you may be very happy with your result.  Good luck, hope that helps.

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10 days is much too early to make a pronouncement about abdominoplasty.

Photograph demonstrates what appears to be a satisfactory result after body contouring. There is certainly a large amount of swelling that obscures the results and makes final appraisal of the operation impossible.

Vincent N. Zubowicz, MD
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